“Textiles Gestalten” – Introducing German with Arts & Creativity

Our German club Textiles Gestalten was created for all Year 7 – Year 9 girls who are interested in learning something about Germany and want to get a first impression of the German language and culture (especially helpful for choosing German as your foreign language).

In every session you are introduced to a piece of German culture (festivities, music, games, etc.). You then can create something crafty related to this topic, can learn some German words and extend your knowledge about Germany in a very fun and easy way. No previous knowledge of German is needed!

We keep a calendar with the words you have learned, so at the end of the year you can remember what we have done and  keep it together with all the wonderful things you have created in the club!

Come and join us in our German club! Deutsch macht Spaß! (German is fun!) 🙂


When does Textiles Gestalten take place?

Every Tuesday (Week A + B): 1:30-2:00pm

In Room: B9


Take a look at our first session back in Sept 2012 here:

Die Schultüte (the school cone)