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Le Collège Saint Benoît






Moulins at last

Here we are at Collège Saint Benoît after a long coach journey and a night’s stay in a hotel just outside Amiens (north of Paris).  Everyone was in good spirits, although a bit nervous when we arrived in Moulins.  It was time to renew friendships already made last November when the French pupils came to visit us in Bolton.

Today we had a very busy day.  Most of us had an early start, as we needed to be in school for 8 o’clock – poor Molly had to be up at 5.30 to make sure she wasn’t late!  We had a brief tour of the school and learnt about it’s history and most importantly, we found out where we’d be having lunch!  After that, we had a Geography lesson (in French) which taught us about the local river, the most important “wild” river in France – which just means that it has not had any work done on it by man (not as some of us thought full of scary animals!).  Certainly the teachers’ French was tested with the wide variety of animals and birds you can see around the river.

Later we went to the Centre National du Costume de Scène (CNCS) where we saw a range of costumes from stage and screen which showed how power was portrayed – Costumer le pouvoir.  There were some amazing costumes – the girls seemed to like those from Swan Lake which had Japanese influences.  But there were costumes from a whole range of operas, ballets and films including Astérix and Obélix as well as the Fifth Element and Joan of Arc.

This afternoon it was sport – canoë, VTT, javelot.  A kind of mini triathlon mixed with orienteering!  A number of pupils were put through their paces, but well done to Rachel, Molly and their corrès, Louise-Marie and Juliette who won the girls’ competition.  Fortunately, there were no mishaps and everyone stayed dry!


French Exchange club

After half term we will be starting a club to help prepare for the trip. It will involve learning vocabulary and structures which would be helpful when you arrive in France. Post here to let us know which day would be best to run the club:

Monday, Thursday, Friday lunchtime?

You can also let us know what you think might be useful to know.

See Miss Stephenson if you have any questions.