Day two

A cloudier day was ideal for our afternoon trip to Nerja! We visited the ‘cuevas’ which we learnt were discovered by accident by two boys from a nearby town whilst they were playing one afternoon. Whilst there, we saw naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites, one of which had joined in the middle to form a 32m high column! The girls were brave enough to enter the ‘sala de fantasmas’ (Ghost Chamber) where two skeletons were found when the caves were originally discovered!


We hopped back on the coach to make the short trip to the main town of Nerja where we stood on the ´Balcón de Europa´from which you can see Africa on a clear day. The girls had a wander around the souvenir shops and tried some more delicious flavours of icecream. Phoebe would like to add that she had a wonderful day and the sights were spectacular!


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